Myrkfaelinn Peers

The people listed below achieved their peerages while active in the Dominion at the time of recognition. Those who are still active have links to pages on this site. In addition, we list peers who are active in the Dominion but arrived after being recognized as a Peer. Compilation by Bedwyr Danwyn.

Order of Chivalry badge: Fieldless, a belt argent. Chivalry
Lorimer MacAltin: 1981 (Midrealm)
John the Pell: 1987
Orlando Alvarez: 1998
Erling the Boar Ring: 2001

Order of the Laurel badge: Fieldless, a laurel wreath vert. Laurels
Roberto di Milano: 1983
Niccola Sebastiani: 1987
Rhiannon y Bwa: 2000
Catalina Alvarez: 2001
Elianora Mathewes: 2004
Bedwyr Danwyn: 2005
Brigit Kelly Maclean 2008
Elska á Fjárfelli: 2018
Hrólfr á Fjárfelli: 2019
Robert of Ferness: 2020
Cristina inghean Ghriogair: 2022

Order of the Pelican badge: Fieldless, a pelican in its piety. Pelicans
Bedwyr Danwyn: 2000
Rhiannon y Bwa: 2007
John the Pell: 2015
Gytha Oggsdottir: 2018

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