Arts & Sciences

In the SCA, “arts & sciences” cover a vast range of subjects, including but not limited to leatherworking, metalworking, embroidery, weaving, dyeing, calligraphy, illumination, cooking, jewelry-making, bead making, brewing, woodworking, carving, stained glass, historical research, archaeology, shoe making, pottery, heraldry, garb-making, mead-making.

Myrkfaelinn artists did well at the recent kingdom-level arts-and-sciences championship event: Hrólfr á Fjárfelli became co-champion for his stand-up Viking-Age loom and weaving; Cornelia of Harford became youth champion for her inkle-woven shoulder strap and rabbit-skin pouch.

Almost all of our members pursue one or more of these interests and will happily share their knowledge and experience with others of like interest.

Our weekly meetings have recently featured presentations and workshops on banner construction; shoe making; acid-etching of metal; and medieval recipe redaction (the process of working out ingredients and proportions) and then tasting the result.

We welcome people at all levels of participation, from total beginner to expert. Contact our Minister of Arts & Sciences with requests or ideas for our weekly meetings if you have an area of interest that you wish to learn about or present.

Woman writing with a quill pen.
Practicing with a quill pen at a recent scribal workshop. (Photo by Elska á Fjárfelli)
Feb 20, 2018 @ 2:06 pm