Bedwyr Danwyn

Master Bedwyr Danwyn, also sometimes known as Max Schilling or Roger Dobson, leads workshops and classes related to oil lamps, metalworking, leatherworking, and etching.

His list of interests and activities includes aiglets & points, armor, arrows, banners, benches, bows, buckles, candles, casting, chain mail, chests, fingerloop braiding, fire starting, gunpowder, guns, hide glue, horn, knives, lamps, leather, locks, navigation, oils, rushlights, seals & tags, Sea Dogs, shields, swords, trim weaving, tables, and woad.

Order of the Laurel badge: Fieldless, a laurel wreath vert. Order of the Pelican badge: Fieldless, a pelican in its piety. Order of the Millrind badge: Fieldless, a millrind argent. Order of the Keystone badge: Or, on a keystone gules an escarbuncle argent. Order of the Fleur d'Æthelmearc badge: Per saltire gules and Or, four fleur-de-lis in cross counterchanged. Order of the Sycamore badge: Fieldless, three sycamore leaves conjoined in pall, per pale gules and Or.

Bedwyr Danwyn is a Dark Age Welsh healer who practices Roman-style medicine. Due to the current plague, business is good and Bedwyr leads a comfortable life.

Max Schilling is a Swiss chandler who has been issued a gonne from the city armory to defend Bern. His life expectancy is short, so Max is having as much fun as he can.

Roger Dobson is an Elizabethan Sea Dog of formal education and an accomplished navigator.


Device: Argent, on a fess cotised sable, three plates.

Argent, on a fess cotised sable, three plates.


Man in medieval tunic.
Master Bedwyr Danwyn



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