Most SCA groups host “events,” official, organized, one-time get-togethers usually themed, and often offering a number of activities such as heavy fighting, fencing, dancing, feasting, archery, etc. Often these start in the morning and end in the evening on a single day, but they can run over an entire weekend, especially during the summer. The number of participants can vary greatly.

Myrkfaelinn usually hosts one event in the fall and one in the spring, as well as Summer War Practice.

At this time we have one event scheduled, with at least one other in the early planning stages:

Summer War Practice: a weekend camping event held at Camp Barton on the shore of Lake Cayuga. June 1-3, 2018. This event features both heavy-weapons and fencing small-group scenarios. For the first time we will also hold a cooking competition.


We also hold regular weekly meetings and practices. See our calendar for details of particular get-togethers, and the usual locations where they are held.


See also the Æthelmearc calendar or the the East Kingdom calendar for events in the surrounding areas and even further afield.


Large group of people in medieval garb sitting facing a king and queen and their attendants.
Royal Court at a nearby recent event. (Photo by Robert of Ferness)


Mar 4, 2018 @ 3:10 pm