We invite people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests to participate in our activities at whatever level their time and interests allow.

This site includes a list of individuals who wish to share their own interests in whatever level of detail they choose.

In the SCA, most people develop a persona, which is a period-appropriate name, place and time of origin, background story, etc. Some take the time to think about these in great detail, others not so much. It’s also possible to have multiple personas, dressing and acting as one in some contexts, and another in some other situation.

The general form of address to another member of the SCA is m’lord or m’lady. Other titles, such as Lord, Lady, Master, Mistress, Sir, and the the like, must be earned through prowess in martial activities, service, or development of expertise in arts, sciences, crafts, etc.

A number of Myrkies have been recognized at the society level for their service, their martial prowess, and/or their skills and talents in the arts and sciences. See our peerage list for their names and achievements.

Argent, a wheel sable between three gouttes de sang, a bordure checky gules and argent.Asteriya Royarchevicha

Argent, on a fess cotised sable, three plates. Bedwyr Danwyn

Per pale argent and sable, in sinister a vine of three pea pods Or. Cristina inghean Ghriogair

Or, on a sun sable, a mullet voided and interlaced within and conjoined to an annulet argent, issuant from base a mountain vert. Elska á Fjárfelli

Per chevron inverted azure and vert, in chief a cat dormant Or and issuant from dexter base three wolf’s teeth argent. Gytha Oggsdottir

Argent, estencelé sable, an ash tree proper issuant from a mountain sable. Hrólfr á Fjárfelli

Sable, a bend argent between two prickspurs fesswise reversed Or, a bordure embattled argent. John the Pell

Azure, three thistles slipped and leaved argent. Lorimer MacAltin

Per bend sinister azure and sable, an eagle rising argent maintaining a sheaf of arrows fesswise reversed and a bow bendwise sinister Or Mary of Meadowcroft

Sable, a bee skep Or within a bordure Or semy of bees sable. Meadhbh inghean Ui Chléirigh

Per fess engrailed argent and azure, a natural catfish haurient embowed and a bordure counterchanged. Matteo Pesci

Azure, two chicken’s legs inverted conjoined in base and issuant from base a la quise argent armed Or. Rhiannon y Bwa

Per chevron chevronelly Or and gules, and Or, in base a ship in full sail gules, all within a bordure embattled sable. Robert of Ferness

Sable, a pair of shears bendwise inverted Or. Sigvaldi the Ram

Azure, a drakkar argent and a mountain Or, a chief argent. Simon á Fjárfelli

Quarterly argent and sable, a cross bottony throughout gules and overall a weasel statant erect contourny Or Simon Sevastian Caminante

Alaric Northwind
Algirdas Wolthus
Bjorn the Green
Brynhildr the Bloody
Catherine Wyldehart
Cornelia of Harford
Fähnrich Egon Von Joghurt
Ivör Flökie
Jarl Jortnar
Rüdiger von Gévaudain
Samael D. Wyldehart
Toki Skáldagörvir
Zechariah Ebonhawke


Our populace includes another half-dozen or more individuals who regularly attend various practices and meetings and participate in different activities.

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