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December 2020 redaction challenge – To Mak Compost

I can’t let a year go by without a redaction challenge! I recently acquired Cooking & Dining in Medieval England by Peter Brears. It explores the medieval kitchens and tables, but also has a fat chapter of recipes. “To mak compost” caught my eye as possibly an easy dish that will please a modern palate. … Continue reading December 2020 redaction challenge – To Mak Compost

February redaction – Benes Yfryed

The redaction challenge for February comes from the Forme of Cury (14th c. England, by the Master Cooks of King Richard II): Benes Yfryed. From the original text: BENES YFRYED. XX.IX. I. Take benes and seeþ hem almost til þey bersten. take and wryng out þer water clene. do þerto Oynouns ysode and ymynced. and garlec þerwith. … Continue reading February redaction – Benes Yfryed