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Millrind for Simon Caminante

Congratulations to Simon Caminante for being inducted into the Order of the Millrind in recognition for his service to the Society! “Their Majesties noted His Lordship’s dedication to the rapier community, including cut-and-thrust, marshaling and serving the marshallate, and maintaining websites for rapier combat.”


At today’s Althing: discussion of present and potential meeting spaces; finances; coordinating scheduling of arts & sciences meetings with heavy fighting practices. All officers’ terms renewed, except that the Minister of Arts & Sciences responsibilities will now be handled by Robert instead of Elska, with Asteriya as deputy.

COVID-19 and Sunday Practices

From the Seneschal: “In light of efforts to reduce the spread of viral infection, there will be no Myrkie meeting / practice this week [March 15]. Given the projections, I expect this not to be the last cancellation.” We will post updates here and on Facebook about resumption of our normal schedule.

Hrólfr and Elska Become New Kingdom Arts & Sciences Ministers

At Twelfth Night just past, it was announced that Hrólfr and Elska would take on the duties and responsibilities of Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister and Deputy Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister, respectively. These offices are typically held for a two-year term and are sure to keep them both quite busy as they travel and … Continue reading Hrólfr and Elska Become New Kingdom Arts & Sciences Ministers