During late spring through mid-fall, we hold weekly target archery practices, subject to the availability of a range marshal, and weather permitting.

Loaner gear is usually available if you’d like to participate before buying your own bow, arrows, and other gear.

See out meetings page for location details and watch our Facebook page or email list for cancelations caused by weather or marshal unavailability.

Generally we shoot Royal Rounds (see below).

Archers in a line shooting.
Weekly archery practice. (Photo by Maedbh ni Clerigh)

Standard SCA target archery consists of Royal Rounds, and occasional novelty shoots, which can include moving targets, humorous themes, or unusual requirements for scoring points. If space allows, there can also be clout shoots, where archers aim high into the air in an attempt to drop arrows down ballistically onto a target on the ground.

A Royal Round consists of four consecutive bouts of shooting:

  1. six arrows at 20 yards, no time limit;
  2. six arrows at 30 yards, no time limit;
  3. six arrows at 40 yards, no time limit;
  4. unlimited arrows at 20 yards, 30-second time limit.

We follow strict rules during archery practices and events in order to create an environment as safe as possible.

Girl archer aiming high at a fake parrot atop a pole.
Mary shoots the popinjay as Hrólfr looks on. (Photo by Robert of Ferness)

The SCA does not allow the use of modern compound bows or metal arrow shafts, but is otherwise open to modern materials such as fiberglass bows. Of course traditional longbows are most welcome. Crossbows may also be used on the range, although there are some restrictions regarding them, mostly with the idea of avoiding those that look and feel modern.

We usually hold an annual arrow-building workshop in the late winter or early spring.

In addition to target archery, the SCA also offers combat archery, where the archer participates in heavy-weapons fighting against opposing soldiers in melee situations. See our Armored Combat page for more details.

Man kneeling next to four crossbow bolts protruding from an upright cylinder.
Hrólfr shot well at a recent holiday-themed tournament (Photo by Elska á Fjárfelli)
May 6, 2023 @ 8:18 am