The residents of Myrkfaelinn enjoy a great number of activities, many of which have their own pages on this site under the Activities menu above.

We enjoy archery, armored combat, fencing, weaving, shoe making, brewing, metalwork, leatherwork, brewing, spinning, music and dance, throwing knives and axes, food & cooking, research, writing, calligraphy, illumination, making mead, carving, and many other ways to study and recreate the Middles Ages.

We also have an organized program of youth activities during many of our regular meetings and at events.

If you’re interested in the medieval time period and wish to participate in any of these, or in any  we don’t list, let us know.


A woman and two girls in medieval dress admiring a potter's wares.
Shopping during Midnight Madness at Pennsic. (Photo by Robert of Ferness)


Feb 6, 2018 @ 10:31 pm