Harvest Raid & Coronation Report

At the annual Harvest Raid event in Heronter / Coronation of Anna Leigh as the kingdom’s new queen, recognition was given to those who operated the kingdom bar at Pennsic and/or contributed beverages to make it an outstanding success. Five Myrkies were amongst those awarded a Golden Escarbuncle for service: Cristina inghean Ghriogair, Elska á Fjárfelli, Maedbh ni Clerigh, Robert of Ferness, and Sigvaldi the Ram.

Myrkies participated in fencing and archery, an Arts & Sciences competition (won by Robert of Ferness with embroidered 10th-century bone ice skates), as well as court and the evening’s feast. Gytha Oggsdottir served as silent herald, and her position was recognized with a new title: Silver Sycamore Herald.  Hrólfr á Fjárfelli ran one of the archery ranges for the enjoyment of over 35 archers.

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