Maedbh ni Clerigh

Lady Maedbh serves the Dominion as chancellor of youth.

Recently she was inducted into the Order of the Keystone for her service in a thriving youth program.

Maedbh joined the SCA in 1990 while a college student, participated for a number of years with calligraphy and illumination, then moved to California for a decade. Now that she’s back, she has taken up cooking and recipe redaction, making mead from her own bees’ honey, and the management of youth activities.

Chancellor of Youth badge: Per pale purpure and argent, two roundels counterchanged. Order of the Keystone badge: Or, on a keystone gules an escarbuncle argent. Fieldless, on a barrel palewise proper, an escarbuncle argent.


woman in medieval garb standing in arched stone passageway
Maedbh at Visby, Sweden. (Photo by Robert of Ferness)


Apr 15, 2018 @ 7:33 pm