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February redaction – Benes Yfryed

The redaction challenge for February comes from the Forme of Cury (14th c. England, by the Master Cooks of King Richard II): Benes Yfryed. From the original text: BENES YFRYED. XX.IX. I. Take benes and seeþ hem almost til þey bersten. take and wryng out þer water clene. do þerto Oynouns ysode and ymynced. and garlec þerwith. … Continue reading February redaction – Benes Yfryed

Two hobby horses

Stick horse jousting – a youth activity

Once the kids assembled their stick horses, it was time to put them to use! I offered three jousting activities, modeled after skills I’d seen in adult jousting demos, but modified to include water balloons. The day wasn’t really a water balloon temperature, but that didn’t douse their enthusiasm! Tips: SCA youth combat weapons make … Continue reading Stick horse jousting – a youth activity

Medieval image (15th century) of chlidren riding stick horses in the margin of a document.

Make a (mostly) medieval stick horse – a youth activity

At Summer War Practice I tested a new make-and-take youth activity for our younger attendees: making a medieval stick (or hobby) horse. I based the activity on a pattern I found online, and then proceeded to make it in as period a fashion as possible. This turned out to be fairly easy using period fabric … Continue reading Make a (mostly) medieval stick horse – a youth activity