September 2019 redaction!

Redaction challenges recommence on Sunday, September 22!

First up is one I hope to use at the Arts & Sciences Championships in November, as part of the dayboard/youth activity for that day —medieval pretzels!

As taken from a post on SCA Cooks on Facebook:

Rumpolt (German 1581) has (translations by Ranvaig (Sharon Palmer)):

Gebackens 55. Nimm ein schönes Mehl/ lauter Eierdotter/ vnd ein wenig Wein/ Zucker vnd Aniß/ mach ein Teig damit an/ walg jn fein länglicht vnd rundt mit saubern Händen/ vnd mach kleine Bretzel darauß/ scheubs in ein warmen Ofen/ vnd backs/ daß du es nit verbrennest/ sondern fein außtrucknet/ so werden sie auch mürb vnd gut. Du magst auch Zimmet darvnter nemmen oder nicht. Vnd man nennet es Precedella.

55. Take a fair flour/ pure egg yolks/ and a little wine/ sugar and anise/ make a dough with it/ roll it nicely long and round with clean hands/ and make little pretzels from it/ push it in a warm oven and bake/ that you do not burn it/ but until nicely dry/ like this they also become tender and good. You might also take cinnamon with it or not. And one calls them Precedella (pretzel??).

I found one modern redaction of the above at — there may be more out there!

Gebackens 57. Nimm Zucker vnd Rosenwasser/ laß wol auff sieden/ daß nicht zu dick wirt/ rür geriebene Mandeln vnter den gesotten Zucker/ vnd machs wol trucken vom Feuwer/ vnd wenn du es wol weg nimpst/ so nim~ schönen weissen gestossenen Zucker ein Löffel voll oder drei/ rürs wider vnter die Mandeln/ treib sie mit der Handt fein länglicht auß/ vnd besträw sie mit weissem Zucker unten vnd oben/ daß nicht bleibt an Händen kleben/ vnd wenn du es lang hast außgetrieben/ so mach kleine Bretzel darauß/ scheub sie in ein warmen Ofen/ vnd back sie fein langsam auß/ so werden sie schön weiß. Vnd man nennet es Precedella von Mandeln gemacht.

57. Take sugar and rosewater/ let it boil well/ that does not become too thick/ stir grated almonds with the boiled sugar/ and make well thick from the fire/ and when you will take it full ways/ then take fair white ground sugar a spoon full or three/ and sprinkle it on the almonds/ take roll them with the hand nicely long/ and sprinkle with white sugar under and over/ that it doesn’t stick to the hands/ and when you have rolled it out long/ then make small pretzels from it/ push them in a warm oven/ and bake them nicely slow/ like this it will be beautifully white. And one calls it precedella (pretzel) made from almonds.

According to one of our German-fluent members: The translation is adequate. The only thing I’d translate differently is ‘murbe’, the word doesn’t really mean ‘tender’ but more something that crumbles, when you touch it.

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