Youth Activities at A&S Champs

Don your smocks, dust your hands (with flour), and ready your taste buds! Do I have an activity planned for youth at the 2019 Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Championships!

Ages 8(ish) and up will join Lady Meadbh ni Clerigh in the kitchen. Your task will be to create your version of medieval mac & cheese (makerouns) to serve as part of dayboard. You don’t have to be well-versed in the kitchen, just dexterous enough to handle kitchen tools.

We will offer a variety of medieval herbs, spices, and cheeses. Either as a team or individually, participants will prepare their own variant of this classic dish, combining the cheeses, herbs, and/or spices to satisfy their palate. We will then serve the makerouns as part of dayboard, where the populace can discover the breadth of this deceptively simple dish.

In addition, willing youth will also work on a late-period German dish, precedella (pretzel) made from almonds for dessert. (If this dish doesn’t survive pre-event testing, another dessert will be substituted.)

For the younger set, I will have out self-service crafts (felt designs, coloring, games, a puzzle, et cetera).

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