Redaction 2020 – Tart in Ymber Day

A redaction challenge for the new year, scheduled for our A&S meeting on January 12! From Forme of Curye (14th c), an herb & onion pie. (Sounds better than onion & herb pie, don’t you think?)

Original Recipe:

Tart in Ymber Day

Tak & parboyle oynons & erbes & presse oute þe water & hewe hem smale, tak brede & bray hit in a mortar & temper hit wit ayron, do þerto butter, safron, & salt & raysons corans & a litul sugar wiþ poudor douce, & bak hit in a trap & serue hit forth.

This version has bread in the filling; apparent others note cheese. Medieval Cuisine offers one redaction, and here is one from Gode Cookery, and another from Medieval Cookery.

Use one of the existing redactions, modify one, or forge out on your own!

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