The Scarlet Guard Inn Archery Festival VI

Myrkies did well at the Scarlet Guard Inn Archery Festival VI this past weekend, with four of us (Elska, Simon, Mary, Robert) completing the Iron Tassel challenge as well as winning the archery-golf competition and the splendid hoods (see photo below).

Hrólf ran a novelty range all day as well and we thank him for his participation as a marshal there.

We shot numerous walk-about courses, novelty ranges, and attended a class on the use of thumb rings in archery, especially for use with horse bows from Asia.

Mary also represented the Dominion in the Scarlet Guard Challenge, where she competed against at least 16 adults representing their groups. She survived the first round of a single-elimination series of ranges, but did not advance past the second round.

woman, boy, man, and girl in medieval clothing
Myrkie archers with Iron Tassels and archery-golf hoods. (Photo by Hrólfr)

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