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January redaction pies.

Basic Meat Pie

January Redaction Challenge The new year brought a new redaction challenge, with far less guidance from previous versions: the basic medieval meat pie. Starting with a general background (download the challenge here), participants created their own versions. As a result, we had dishes with goat, beef, chicken, and venison grace the sampling table. We offered … Continue reading Basic Meat Pie

January redaction challenge

Medieval Meat Pies (adult) Jump down to the youth challenge, Fine Cakes (from A Boke of Gode Cookery at  http://www.godecookery.com/goderec/grec11.htm) DESCRIPTION: Basic recipe for a medieval/Renaissance-style meat pie Medieval meat pies usually consisted of beef, pork, venison, or fowl, or a mixture of those meats. The meat was either broiled or boiled, then either used … Continue reading January redaction challenge

Feast table in December.

An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book 

December Redaction Challenge We combined December’s Myrkfaelinn holiday potluck with a redaction challenge. Our task: choose a recipe from An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book, redact it, and share the results. Here are recipes for some of the dishes brought to the December Challenge, in their own words. Tuscan ‘Compost’ (recipes 62 and 63) Simon St. … Continue reading An Anonymous Tuscan Cookery Book 

November redaction challenge

Two Medieval Powders and Makerouns Keeping the momentum going, this week’s challenge is dual: powder fine and powder forte. While I’ve posted the recipes below, think of these powders like curry; everyone has their own preferred variation — so these are only guidelines! They’re staple spices of a medieval kitchen — I used powder fine … Continue reading November redaction challenge