Stone morter and pestle with ground spices.

Powders Forte and Fine

November Redaction Challenge

In November, we mixed up two staple spice mixes: a powder fine (sweet) and a powder forte (strong). Grab the original recipes from Meadbh’s google drive.

spice lineup
Spice samples lined up for tastings. Photo: Susan Verberg.

In their own words:

Simon St. Laurent:

I based my Powder fine on the top recipe on the page, from Le Menagier de Paris, using the apothecary conversion of 12 drachmas to an ounce to get proportions. In the end I went with 13g galangal (for white ginger), 3g cinnamon, 1.5g grains of paradise, 1.5g cloves, and 3g sugar.

I based my Powder Strong on the second recipe on the page, the “black and strong spices for many sauces”. I used 1.5g cloves, and 12g each of peppercorns (mixed), long pepper, and nutmeg.


Powder Forte (strong)

9g long pepper
1/2g cloves (5 whole)
4g black pepper
3g cubeb pepper
3g powdered ginger
3g Ceylon cinnamon (about 2.5″)

Powder fine

2g grains of paradise
5g cinnamon
1/2g cloves
2g ginger
5g sugar

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