Flowyns in Lente – March Redaction

For a March redaction, I decided to go with something sweet and somewhat thematic. Following is a recipe suitable for a Lenten dish. I found it as early as 1390, and a nearly identical recipe in Two Fifteenth Century Cookbooks; it appears to be a tried-and-true dish that didn’t need much change through the decades.

We’ll serve this one up on March 17, but without the usual fanfare; we’ll sample while we partake of the scribal workshop. Please print out your recipes to accompany the dish instead.

Forme of Cury (England, 1390), MS Harley 5401 (1450-1499)

XXVII – For To Make Flownys In Lente. (Forme of Cury)

Tak god Flowr and mak a Past and tak god mylk of Almandys and flowr of rysother amydoun and boyle hem togeder that they be wel chariaud wan yt is boylid thykke take yt up and ley yt on a feyr bord so that yt be cold and wan the Cofyns ben makyd tak a party of and do upon the coffyns and kerf hem in Schiveris and do hem in god mylk of Almandys and Figys and Datys and kerf yt in fowr partyis and do yt to bake and serve yt forth.

Flawnes for Lentyn (MS Harley 5401)

Recipe gode floure & make past, & take gode mylk of almondes & þe floure of ryse or of amydon & boyle þam togyder till þai be wele chargeand; & when it is bolyd thyk take it vp & lay it on a fote bord til it be colde; & when þe cofyns be redy, take a part & do it in þe cofyns & karve þam in shyves, & do þam in gode mylk of almonds, & fyges & dates, in .iiij. pertyes. þen bak it; serof it forth.

My initial redaction:

Flan for Lent

Take good flour and make a pastry and take good almond milk and rice flour or wheat starch and boil them together that they be very thick when it is boiled thick take it up and lay it on a fair board so that it be cold and when the coffins are made take a part of and do upon the coffins and cut them in slices and do them in good milk of almonds and figs and dates and cut it in four parts and do it to bake and serve it forth.

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