Youth Activities at Summer War Practice

Medieval illustration of children playing with a ball, pinwheel, and stick horse.
From A book of heraldry (ÖNB 12820, fol. 182r), c. 1484-1486

This year, we invite youth to participate in our jousting event! Activities start at 11am in the Youth tent, where the young and bold will first coax to their stables a hobby horse! Known in medieval times as a stick horse, period imagery exists for these toys since about the 1300s.

Riders will have the opportunity to tame their steeds from an assortment of fabric horse heads, then match them with ears, eyes, manes, and harness. There will be some hand sewing involved to attach the ears and manes to the heads, so guardians with deft fingers will be very much appreciated. (Guardians who can only provide moral support are warmly welcome, as per the SCA’s “sight-and-sound” requirements.)

Hobby horse with yellow head, red ears, and leather bridle, held by a child.Once the hobby horses are created, we will run them through their paces with child-friendly jousting activities. There may be water involved, if the day is warm enough. Children are expected to take their adopted chargers home, and treat them with all due knightly care!

We will also have unsupervised medieval-themed drawing and coloring opportunities available throughout the day, blind man’s buff, the Myrkfaelinn Marshmallow Catapult will make an appearance as well, and more as time (and energy) allows.

We have corralled twenty wild steeds for our most noble jousters. If you know you will attend, please give me a head count in the comments below, so I can have more materials available as necessary.

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