Demo at Boynton Middle School Medieval Faire

June 19, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Boynton Middle School

Repeated below is a Facebook-posted invitation to participate in a 6th-grade Demo in Ithaca:

Happy Spring! I hope this letter find you well. I am very excited about our partnership for the first annual Boynton Medieval Faire on Wednesday June 19th. Our students will be exploring the Middle Ages with an emphasis on those “rebels” who challenged the status quo during that time. They will also be exploring social changers in their own communities.

Our Medieval Faire will take place on that Wednesday evening. Set up around 5:00, students and families will arrive at 6:00 and should be leaving around 7:30. Our students will be exhibiting their “stained glass” interpretations but we are so excited to have your expertise and to see what you are most passionate about.

Please feel free to call me at (716)536-0586 or email me ( with any questions or ideas.

Thank you for helping to provide our students with an experience to bring History ALIVE.

Becka Siegrist

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