Toki Skáldagörvir

Master Toki Skáldagörvir, Order of the Laurel, Order of the Maunch (East; arts and sciences), Order of the Silver Crescent (East; service), Queen’s Order of Courtesy (East), Queen’s Honor of Distinction (East; Thyra I), Order of the Troubadour (East, vocal performance), two-time Eastern King’s Bard.

Order of the Laurel badge: Fieldless, a laurel wreath vert.

Toki is a poet and storyteller, and a mentor and teacher of poets and storytellers. He was the Artistic Director of Beowulf the Event, Beowulf the Roadshow, and Njal’s Saga. In his 41 years in the SCA, he has fought, danced, practiced archery, been a performer, an event steward, a cook, a herald, a chronicler, and a seneschal. He believes that everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.


man in medieval clothing
Master Toki Skáldagörvir


Oct 23, 2018 @ 10:48 am