Cornelia of Harford

Cornelia enjoys finger weaving and inkle-loom weaving. She also enjoys medieval illustration and has been practicing drawing large letters and accompanying decorative designs.

She used her loom to create a shoulder strap for a rabbit-skin pouch that she sewed together, and fastened with a leather toggle button. She entered this project into the kingdom arts & sciences competition and was chosen Youth Champion.

More recently, Cornelia participated as sous chef on the winning team for Cast Iron Chef IV and entered a medieval food dish into the Ice Dragon youth category, taking first place.

She was recognized for all of her Arts & Sciences activities with a Silver Sycamore in August, 2019.

In November, 2019, Cornelia was again named Æthelmearc Youth Arts & Sciences Champion for her entry of rabbit-fur-lined mittens, made from rabbit hides she tanned and stitched to leather outer layers.

Order of the Silver Sycamore badge: Fieldless, three sycamore leaves conjoined argent.

Girl with an inkle loom and rabbit-skin pouch with woven shoulder strap.
Cornelia’s display at the Kingdom Arts & Science Championships, 2017, where she was chosen Youth Champion.
Nov 25, 2019 @ 9:24 am