Astraya Asteriia Royachevicha

Persona: Kievian Rus… 12th century and also Viking persona from Norway Astridr Jensdottir 11th-12th century…. some times i have a third persona 15th-century Gypsy Astraea Royet.

Interests: scribal arts, leatherwork, jewelry making, woodwork, sewing, have been chronicler before, have taught classes on Celtic knotwork-calligraphy-Celtic spirals, scrollmaking.

My persona over the years has a evolved from Kievan Rus to a Rus merchant and artist in the 12th century that began in Norway as a baby when father was enlisted in the vanguard and we traveled to Kiev but when it was raided by mongols in 1130s traveled with uncle as a merchant up and down river trade routes so became somewhat of a Rus Gypsy traveler.

I have sworn fealty to Aethelmearc, Meridies, Glenn Albann, Trimais, Ansterroa over 26 years of being in the SCA.

I have practiced archery, axe throwing, and even back in the beginning done some heavy fighting in leather armor, helped make Roman armor and chainmail, have been a waterbearer, watched zillions of kids over the years, and helped when I could where I could.

Order of the Sycamore badge: Fieldless, three sycamore leaves conjoined in pall, per pale gules and Or.

Argent, a wheel sable between three gouttes de sang, a bordure counter company gules and argent.


Woman in Eastern European medieval garb.
Lady Astraya Asteriia Royachevicha. (Photo by Elska á Fjárfelli)
May 4, 2018 @ 3:03 pm