Myrkies at Pennsic – congratulations and thanks

Congratulations to Simon Caminante for his Pelican writ at Tuesday Court!

Congratulations to Mary and Hrólfr for making the archery champions team!

Thanks to Gytha for serving as a silent herald in court, and to Johnny for serving as a heavy marshal in various battles.

Thanks to Elska for running the kingdom bar. Cristina, Robert, and Elska provided donations to it and/or tended it at different times.

Teaching at Pennsic University were Cristina on Russian goldwork, Bedwyr on hat stretching; Elska on gruit and other brewing topics; Robert on shoemaking and leather embroidery.

Thanks to Maedhbh and Hrólfr for serving as archery marshals and to Cristina and Hrólfr who judged the A&S competition.

Most likely I have missed someone in this list… if so, please send details.


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