Business Meeting Minutes from 6 May 2018

Attendees: Matteo, Gytha, Pell, Toki, Robert, Meadbh, Hrolfr and Elska

Meeting times:
We discussed the history of moving fight practice to a weekday night for the summertime, and the travel schedule folks have planned for the camping event season. Among those present, the consensus was that we should try this approach again, mostly to free up the weekends for event travel and other obligations.

There was enough interest in holding these practices in an outdoor, public place, that we are intending to also hold these meetings at Stewart Park. Similarly, archery and thrown weapons practices are to be planned for weekday nights.

Of the weeknights, several folks have conflicts on Wednesdays, and the preference is to stay away from Fridays. The Bethel Grove hall has other occupants (zumba) on Mondays
and Wednesdays (and we are not sure about any other night commitments the hall may

Archery/TW: We settled on Tuesday evenings at the Etna playground, starting at 6pm,
for archery. TW will be held at the same time and place. Archery is starting (did start) this week, while TW needs to fix up the target stands and/or build some new ones before

Fencing/fighting: We settled on Thursday evenings at Stewart Park for fight practice. Assuming that the hall is available for us on Thursdays over the summer, we are intending to maintain the relationship with Bethel Grove through the summer ($60/month continuing rental), allowing us to shift practice to that indoor site if the weather is inclement.

Exact timing of the meetings has yet to be decided. (6:30pm start has been proposed). This change is expected to happen after Myrkfaelinn War Practice at Barton. We need some lead-time (one month) to get insurance for the city for using the park (tasked to Matteo), and the fencers want to stay on the weekend until the Queen’s Rapier Championship (at Barton).

(A note regarding insurance: we *are* covered by the SCA’s blanket policy regardless of whether we ask corpora to issue a “Additionally Insured” certificate. Such certificates are required by many/most event or practice sites, such as the city for their parks, but have not been requested by either Bethel Grove or the Etna Community Association.)

Plans are proceeding apace. Elska has dayboard largely pre-prepared, and has recruited Pell to contribute sausages again. We are coordinating a loaner tent for use by their Majesties on the field. We plan to use one Dominion big top for the Fighters, and one for the Fencers. (Pell has some repairs to do before the event, and will ask for help if needed.)

Matteo will fetch signs, coffee maker, drink coolers, and any other random bits from the storage shed at Antonius’ place. Verbergs have the dayboard gear, although the number of warming/cooling trays are insufficient to keep food out for long.

Pell has the big tops, the list ropes/poles/concrete bases, and Gold Key loaner garb and will bring them to the event. (If he lets us know when he is loading, we are happy to help, although he poo-poo’ed this idea.) Meadbh requested approval for a $100 budget for children’s activities. This proposal was approved unanimously, with the understanding that if more were needed, further requests would also be entertained favorably.

The exact schedule is still up in the air, but basic expectation is that there will be a morning Court ~10am, followed by some pomp and the QRC tournament. Heavy fighters get going around noon. Youth fighting also starting late-morning (11am-ish). Children activities (making hobby horses and then racing them) also spanning midday. Dayboard served no later than noon. TW active most of the afternoon, pending marshal availability. We will have at least one troop/pack of Scouts on site with us during the event, working on setting up some aspects of the camp for their summer season.

We plan to offer some aid in their work on Sunday morning during our own clean-up, if they can use some help. Pell will find out when their major set-up day is occurring (likely the following weekend), so we can offer some assistance then as well.

Group expenses:
We have need for additional serving warming/cooling trays. We have approximately 4 sets, and the primary dayboard producers (Elska, Hrolf) believe that another 4 will be useful to cover our needs. The attendees were in favor in principle, but without a specific expense proposal the actual purchase was not approved. Elska will take an inventory of what we have, and get price quotes from a couple vendors (B&W and Maine’s were mentioned) for the needed items. We expect to make a decision next weekend so we can buy these items before the event.

Thrown Weapons needs some lumber (2x6s preferred) for building new target stand(s). Sigvaldi will get pricing on the materials needed, and propose to the group. If anyone has appropriate scrap material to donate, please speak up.

Archery needs a new target. Hrolf extended the life of our existing targets by deconstructing the two disintegrating targets we had and re-assembling them into one. Given the advantages of a larger surface (fewer arrows lost, better visibility to where arrow lands – allowing aim adjustment), the proposed new target is 48″ in diameter, has wheels for transport, and is expected to last quite a few years. Cost: $190+ shipping
(expected to be under $250 total). This expense was approved by those present (5 yea, 1 abstain). Archery will also take inventory for other expenses. Loaner arrows are in good shape, but additional protective gear (finger guards, arm guards) and bowstrings would expand the usability of our current gear. Hrolfr will take inventory and propose a list.

There are no specific plans for officer turn-over this year at Barton. If anyone is interested in any particular office, please speak to me and/or the current office holder to learn more about the responsibilities. In particular, if anyone has interest in the Chatelaine’s position, Hrolfr would not mind divesting that office (in favor of focusing on his other positions as group archery marshal and exchequer.

Several suggestions were made for individual awards that seem warranted. I have submitted several recommendations myself, and hope that others feel moved to do so as well. For most individuals, you can get their persona spelling and info from our website. There is an online form:

Action items:

  • Matteo to get insurance for the city, for use of Stewart Park for the summer.
  • Matteo to check with Bethel Grove regarding availability of the hall Thursday evenings.
  • Elska to price food serving gear needed and propose group expense.
  • Sigvaldi to price 2×6 lumber and propose group expense for TW target stands.
  • Hrolfr to determine shipping cost on 48″ target, ask for SCA/not-for- profit discount, and order target.
  • Hrolfr to determine needs for archery protective gear and make proposal.
  • Any who believe someone deserves an award they do not yet hold: go to the online
    recommendation form and submit!


May 9, 2018 @ 2:02 pm