Youth Activities

There are many Arts and Sciences activites that children are able to participate in.

The Kingdom of AEthelmearch has an extensive youth policy.

May 22, 2017

My goal as the Chancellor of Youth is to engender a child's interest in medieval topics -- and the S.C.A. in general -- thus mirroring their parent's interests and cultivating happy future SCAdians. I try to attend A&S meetings at least twice a month, and expect to attend archery and thrown weapons frequently, bringing with me more outdoor games. Activities in my (very new) playbook vary from active outdoor events, to quieter indoor projects.

Some activities we've accomplished so far:

  • Blind Man's Buff (pre-15th century)
  • Koob (possibly of Viking origin)
  • Variations of Hneftafl (pre-14th century)

  • Coloring pages of medieval settings and scenes
  • Coloring pages with illuminated capital letters
  • Create-your-own medieval story

  • Create your own device
  • Paint a banner to display your creation
Future activities:
  • Finger knitting, as taught by the scholars at the Medieval Center in Denmark
  • Create your own capital letter
  • Calligraphy

  • Chess
  • Heraldry match game
  • Games with medieval-style balls

  • Simple songs with recorders
  • Marzipan (or other edible) creations
  • Yarn dolls

  • Play with a scale model trebuchet
  • Bocce
  • Simple needlework with yarn and plastic canvas (for all youth ages, hopefully)
  • Making dip candles
If you have an idea for a youth activity, or anyone willing to lead youth in an activity during a Dominion get-together, please email me directly. I'm particularly interested in activities that directly stir fun and excitment about the middle ages, or that are period games and activities. If you are interested in helping out at events, to help me comply with the "2-deep" rule, I'd love to hear from you.

Fellow Chancellors, I love a good tip, so please do send them along!

Yours in service,

Lady Meadbh ni Clerigh
Chancellor of Youth